Thursday, August 17, 2006

So quiet...

Not much going on in the Pens to KC front.

This comes as no surprise. Sam Fingold is in a 30-day exclusive negotiation period with the Penguins, which is also a media "quiet period". This happened last year during the Blues sale, too. Dave Checketts entered a 30-day exclusive negotiation period with Paige Laurie's father and there was virtually no news during that time. Talks broke down between Paige's dad and Checketts the first time. Checketts didn't close the deal until (I believe) his second exclusive negotation period.

The Penguins fans these days are focused on Evgeny Malkin and whether he will be at training camp within the next month or so.


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous drew murphy said...

Hey - leave Paige Laurie alone. She's just a normal, incredibly wealthy girl who cheated at USC. She was entirely worthy of having her name on the vanity arena her dad built.


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