Thursday, August 03, 2006

KC Star quotes Kevin Bacon -- says "Remain calm. All is well!"

Too early to panic for KC’s pro interests

Well, I commend Randy Covitz for actually givng voice to this story.
It is the most ignored story in Kansas City sports. However, I find some things in this article strange.

All those fretting about Kansas City’s chances to attract an NHL or NBA team as an anchor tenant for the Sprint Center need to relax.

Who is fretting? Fans?

No, all you hear around here is about who will back up Larry Johnson and who is going to play left tackle.
It’s too soon to panic. Yes, it looks as if Pittsburgh will retain the Penguins, and Oklahoma City is the future destination of the Seattle SuperSonics, but there will be other franchises looking to move in October 2007.

Lock this one in the vault. I'll be sure to bring this up again when it does or doesn't happen.

But you can’t expect an NBA or NHL team, no matter how bad their arena situation is, to start talking about a move in 2007 when there are tickets to sell and a season to play this fall. The Kings, already owned by Sacramento interests, didn’t officially announce plans to move from Kansas City until late January 1985.

Sure, but the Kings did stop TRYING to sell season tickets long before the beginning of the 1985 season? Yes, they did.

Los Angeles-based Anschutz Entertainment Group, which invested $50 million in the Sprint Center and will manage the facility, is well-connected in both leagues and has the ear of each commissioner.

"There are clearly candidates that have not been made public yet," said Michael Roth, vice president/communications for AEG.

Boy, I just think this is really bad PR. Spreading unsubstantiated rumors and speculation is no way to deal with the media.

I'm going to guess the question was, "Are there relocation candidates other than the Sonics and Penguins?"

How about a little honesty? Would that be so bad?

Mr. Roth could have simply said, "No, not at this time. We believe there will be within the next few months."

Instead of this silly "not been made public yet." You know what, as far as I'm concerned and I hope other KC sports fans agree, until they are public -- they are NOT candidates for relocation.

Since Roth said that, perhaps the Star should devote some resources to finding out who these "not been made public" franchises are. That is what a newspaper does, isn't it? Investigate stories...I could be wrong.

The ideal situation would be if someone with deep pockets in Kansas City stepped up and bought a troubled franchise and moved it here, the way Oklahoma City interests bought the Sonics, instead of having to convince an out-of-towner to move a club.

"That’s not impossible," Mayor Kay Barnes said Tuesday. "That may be part of the equation."

With all due respect Ms. Mayor, how about finding someone to purchase the Wizards and keep them here, first?

They're a great asset to our city. It would be a shame if we lost them to Philadelphia.


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous UpperDeckJoe said...

Great pix of Kevin Bacon in Animal House!! And, how appropriate.

If memory serves, Kevin was shouting to the mob in Downtown Faber, "All is well... All is well!!" As this did any good. The next scence is Kevin, on the sidwalk looking like a steamroller has pressed him into the pavement.

This is the same thing that will happen to all of us hockey fans if the mayor, NHL21, and all others with the power, resources, whatever, to bring professional hockey back to KC keep on shouting, "Don't panic, all is well!"

We're going to get rolled right over for an NHL relocation, expansion (still a few years away), and especially, an AHL team. Come the opening of the Sprint Center, the place is going to be empty after the Guardians's Classic in the fall of '07.

I hope this doesn't happen, but too much stock and hope is being put into bringing NHL to KC.


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