Thursday, August 03, 2006

KC -- the high school boy of cities

I started thinking about this situation with KC, AEG, NHL or NBA and the Kansas City Wizards.

Indulge me for a sec.

Kansas City is acting like a high school boy. Let's call him K.C.

The NHL and NBA are like the hot, aloof girls in class.

K.C. continues to pursue the hot girls, who show no interest in him. All the while, the nice-looking, intelligent girl, who has shown interest in K.C., waits in the corner to be noticed.

The nice-looking, intelligent girl represents Kansas City Wizards.

The KCStar is K.C.'s best friend, another high school boy. Instead of telling his best friend, "hey, this nice-looking, intelligent girl really wants a relationship with you, maybe you should forget about the hot girls", the Star is doing what most high school boys' best friends do. They are saying, "yeah, yeah, they're hot...go after them." Even though he has no shot at these girls.

In time, the nice-looking, intelligent girl begins to lose interest. Wondering why she was even interested in the first place, the nice-looking, intelligent girl starts looking for other boys to date. She strikes up a conversation with a new boy, let's call him Phil A. Delphia.

Eventually, the dumb high school boy, KC, realizes the nice-looking, intelligent girl is worth his time.

It's too late. She's already dating a smarter, better-looking guy, Phil.

And the dumb high school boy is left with nothing.

The time to keep the Wizards in town is now. Kansas City should enlist the help of, oh I don't know, AEG perhaps.

AEG operates MLS teams and the unbelievably successful Home Depot Center. I have a friend that toured the facility and called me that day to say, "this place is awesome."

A Soccer-specific stadium, with an MLS tennant, surrounded by fields for youth/high school soccer and lacrosse is what this city needs. It's a sure fire money maker.

Someone get it done.

Before these articles come true.

Is MLS headed to the area?

Soccer could find a comfortable niche in this region


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Max said...

The nerd always gets the hot girl. Haven't you ever watched "Sixteen Candles"? "Teen Wolf"? "Revenge of the Nerds"?????

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Happy In Bag said...

I've long predicted that K.C. will eventually wind up with a really cute girl named Wendy (W.N.B.A.). Obviously, it'll be a platonic relationship.


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