Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Which franchise may be interested?

The question about who will play in the Sprint Center seems to be backwards.

Everyone seems to be asking, “Which NHL franchise is most likely to relocate to Kansas City?”

When the question really should be,“Which franchise may be interested in relocating?”

If you ask the second question first, you need to know each franchise’s arena agreement to get the answer.

The Star, with their huge staff of reporters and editors and ability to request necessary documents, hasn’t yet asked that question. Perhaps the loss of Jeff Passan and Wright Thompson has left them too short staffed to pursue such stories.

They could. It would make for a very interesting story. I’ll even show you an outline for the story.

Steps I, II and III happen before ever interviewing AEG or NHL21.

I. Intro

a. KC is getting an arena

b. AEG says they can bring an NHL or NBA team, yada, yada

II. Professional sports teams and lease agreements

a. All 30 teams have leases, blah, blah, blah

III. List the 30 teams and their lease

a. a. X number of teams own and operate the arena in which they play like the Vancouver Canucks and Philadelphia Flyers

b. b. X number of teams own the arena in which they play, but do not operate it (Ottawa Senators)

c.c. X number of teams do not own the arena, but have a contract to operate the arena (Washington Capitals, Anaheim Ducks)

d. d. X number of teams do not own the arena or operate the arena and are bound only by the lease

IV. Teams in a, b and c are not candidates for relocation

V. Therefore, these teams may be candidates for relocation

a. We asked for comments from AEG on these specific teams

b. We asked for comments from these teams’ presidents as to whether they are pleased with their lease agreement a

That’s it. It sure would clear up a lot.

It’s not that difficult a story and it would be so enlightening to Kansas City sports fans and tax payers who approved the arena financing, to whom the Star has an obligation to inform.

Oh, heck, I’ll do it for them.

Team Possibility? Why?

MontrealNoOriginal 6
Tampa BayNoa. Own and operates arena
DetroitNoOriginal 6
PhiladelphiaNob. Own but do not operate arena
OttawaNob. Own but do not operate arena
TorontoNoOriginal 6
CalgaryMaybeNot sure who owns or operates SaddleDome
VancouverNoa. Owns arena
MinnesotaNob. Operate but do not own arena
NY RangersNoOriginal 6
ColoradoNoa. Own and operate arena
Los AngelesNoa. Own and operate arena
DallasNofavorable lease
EdmontonMaybeLeases arena from city*
San JoseNob. Operate but do not own arena
ColumbusNoa. Owns arena
BostonNoOriginal 6
FloridaNob. Operate but do not own arena
PittsburghMaybeNew arena pending
CarolinaNob. Operate but do not own arena
PhoenixNoNew arena in 2003
AtlantaMaybePossible ownership change
AnaheimNob. Operate but do not own arena
NashvilleNob. Operate but do not own arena
New JerseyNoArena under construction
St.LouisNoNew owner, favorable lease
WashingtonNob. Team owns 44% of Washington Sports, the arena operator
ChicagoNoOriginal 6 -- jointly own and operate arena with the Bulls
NY IslandersMaybeNew arena pending

*the Edmonton Oilers are essentially owned by the citizens of Edmonton much like the Green Bay Packers

This took about two hours of Internet research, mostly on

Two Canadian franchises, who Gary Bettman has explicitly said he does not want to move and four U.S. franchises. I couldn’t find the owner or operator of the HSBC Center in Buffalo. Pittsburgh and the New York Islanders are very close to solving their arena problems. The Atlanta Thrashers own and operate the arena, but the ownership of the team is in currently in question.


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the NHL arena lease info. Great job. Given all the shenanigans on Long Island in the last couple of days, questionable arena deal, and the rest of their few fans getting sick of all this, KC could be in the running here.The KC Islanders?

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting information but to suggest Edmonton and Calgary as "maybe"??

Atlanta, Phoenix, Florida, Anaheim (especially if an NBA franchise went into that building), Washington, NYI...these are "maybe"!

Tampa Bay and Carolina winning the cup simply delays there problem years. The demand for hockey in these markets is just not there. Cheapest tickets in the league and marginal interest is what does not add up!

At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Edmonton and Calgary aren't going any where...that shows a lack of insight into the NHL and Canada.

Alberta is in the midst of a huge oil boom and those two cities are growing dramatically...there is absolutely no desire to sell the teams which sell out all of their games at higher than average ticket prices...


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