Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sonics sold to OKC investor group

Major development on the NBA side of things.

An Oklahoma City group of investors led by Clay Bennet will purchase the Seattle SuperSonics from majority owner Howard Schultz (Starbucks guy).

Sources: Sonics sold to Oklahoma City

Bennett is president of investment firm, Dorchester Capital. They specialize in property finance.

I guess that puts the nail in the coffin of Sonics to KC rumors.

This team may very well be on its way out of Seattle and into the Ford Center in OKC. Last season, Oklahoma City proved it could support NBA basketball as the temporary home of the New Orleans Hornets.

Now, a group of OKC investors owns an NBA team. Sure, the Sonics have a lease with KeyArena until 2010, but leases have been broken in the past in professional sports (didn't the St. Louis Rams break a lease?).

George Shinn can't keep the Hornets in New Orleans. The city, basically, doesn't exist anymore and corporations aren't going to return. Heck, the "new" New Orleans is smaller than Omaha. Shinn is going to have to find a home for his nomadic franchise.

Could it be KC?

An NHL or NBA franchise would be nice, but Shinn is, despite what Jason Whitlock calls David Glass, George Shinn is the second worst owner in professional sports behind the Chicago Blackhawks' Bill Wirtz.

It would be nice to have an NBA or NHL team in Sprint Center, but a George Shinn owned KC Hornets? No thanks.


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