Thursday, July 20, 2006

Serious competition from Hamilton, Ontario

So it seems this group from Hamilton, Ontario won't go away. A couple days ago we posted a link to a story in the Pittsburgh paper about a group from Canada that withdrew their bid for the Penguins because it looks as if the franchise will not leave Pittsburgh.

Well, according to a story in today's Pittsburgh paper, this Canadian group is still going to pursue an NHL team for Hamilton, Ontario -- just not the Penguins.

Canadian group still desires NHL

It appears the group from Canada that withdrew its bid to buy the Penguins is interested in bringing the NHL to Hamilton, Ontario.

It's just not likely to be the Penguins.

A group whose money men are so secretive that only a few well-placed government officials know their identity has had a $200,000 deal with Hamilton that gives it proprietorship over Copps Coliseum. That deal expires in about six months, but there were talks recently to extend it.

What does Hamilton, a city sandwiched between NHL cities Toronto and Buffalo have over Kansas City? A local ownership group who will operate an arena.

Honestly, I don't think the NHL would welcome a team in Hamilton. It doesn't extend the league's "footprint". But, when you have a bidder willing to put up $175M when the recent selling price of another medium-to-small market team was $150M, it certainly gets everyones attention.


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