Saturday, July 15, 2006

LV Mayor says Peguins to LV "a bunch of crap"

How refreshing is it to hear a politician not beat around the bush with spin?

Las Vegas' Oscar Goodman probably can't be categorized as "honest", but at least he doesn't pull any punches when someone misquotes him.

A Pittsburgh television station reported on its Web site ( that Goodman was set to "seal a deal" to bring the NHL franchise to Las Vegas. When informed of the report, Goodman was not amused.

"It's a bunch of crap," he said. "They're trying to use us again as a pawn, and I'm not going to allow that to happen."

"I told him (Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor) I hope the Penguins stay in Pittsburgh," Goodman said. "I have not had any discussions whatsoever that would even suggest the Penguins move here."

Goodman: Penguins not Vegas-bound

Good, now we won't hear Las Vegas associated with the Penguins again (until someone from the Star mentions LV).

This part of the story is interesting.
Goodman said he is continuing efforts to bring a major league franchise to the city, and rumors are swirling that the NBA's Sacramento Kings are interested if they cannot close a new arena deal.

The Kings' owners, the Maloofs, are from Albuquerque, but have operated casinos, food and beverage and banks in Nevada for years. They currently own The Palms casino.

As for Goodman's penchant for straight talk, wouldn't you love to hear Kay Barnes or someone from AEG say, "Looks like the Penguins are staying in Pittsburgh, so we're going to pursue other professional sports, like the AHL, National Lacrosse League and Arena Football League for now. There may be an NBA or NHL team available in the next three to five years."

Not going to happen while their spin machine is working overtime


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