Wednesday, July 19, 2006

KC Star finally admits Penguins have slipped away

Five days after I said "It's over." The KC Star has decided to actually read the Pittsburgh papers and says the Penguins (and as a result of the Sonics announced sale yesterday) and the Sonics have slipped away from Sprint Center.

And in Pittsburgh, city and county officials announced they have solidified financing for a new arena, a move that could help the Penguins remain in Pittsburgh after their lease at antiquated Mellon Arena expires next spring.

Kay Barnes still says an NBA or NHL team is coming to Sprint Center for 2007.

“I am totally confident that AEG has been and will continue to do what is necessary to secure a NBA or NHL team or both for the Sprint Center,” Barnes said after hearing about the purchase of the SuperSonics.

I'm speechless.

Besides the Penguins, who are expected to be sold in the coming days, another NHL team that could be a candidate for relocation is the Nashville Predators, who are in the midst of battling the city for improvements to the Gaylord Entertainment Center.

Posted on on June 17, more than a month ago. After I made that post, I sent an e-mail to Paul McCann of Sports Radio 560 WNSR in Nashville. He wrote back, "Interesting blog...from Nashville's vantage point, you're grabbing at straws...Pred's aren't going anywhere..." If you're a hockey fan, you'll love McCann's blog. Why is Nashville always mentioned? It's simlpy not fair and unjustified. Nashville was awarded an expansion NHL team because the LEAGUE WANTS TO BE THERE.

Even though 2007 is fast approaching, Tinnen said there is time for a franchise to move to Kansas City and begin play in the fall. She said the NHL’s Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver and the Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix with three- to six-month turnarounds.

How many times do I have to say this on this blog before someone from the Star reads it.

THE KEY IS IN THE LEASE AGREEMENTS. If you want to find the answer, look at the teams' lease agreements. If an NHL or NBA franchise owns and operates the arena, they are not moving. If a franchise has a sweetheart lease, like the Carolina Hurricanes, they are not moving.

Once the Star does this research, they will see that there are maybe four candidates for relocation in the NHL (not sure about NBA).


At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Once the Star does this research, they will see that there are maybe four candidates for relocation in the NHL"

Just interested to know if you have any opinion/knowledge regarding which 3-5 teams in the NHL would be candidates for relocation?

At 6:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seattle deserves NHL more than KC. We were the first ones to win the stanley cup and bring it to the US. There are plenty of hockey fans here. If someone is willing to bring a team here and fund things to build a new arena they will not regret it! Im done with the NBA and their decieving, overpaid, overrated atheletes.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sonics are good as gone now. If Seattle builds the new arena,I think the NHL will come. Either in the form of the Islanders(sorry about that) or expansion with KC or H-town.


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