Saturday, July 08, 2006

KC one city in queue for Sonics

KC is mentioned in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as one of the cities in line to attract the Seattle SuperSonics if they don't come to an agreement with the city for renovations to 10-year old Key Arena.

Plenty of cities waiting in line for NBA team

Once again, the media speculates about KC as a potential home for an NBA team because we have the ultimate pawn in the game, Sprint Center.

However, once again, an NBA ownership group has never actually mentioned KC as a possible site for relocation...and they don't again in this article.

"This is a huge basketball city. ... We think the NBA would be really popular here," said Lara Schopp, spokeswoman for Kansas City Mayor Kay Barnes.

No, Lara, this is a huge COLLEGE basketball city. And, as Charlotte has proven with the Bobcats, huge COLLEGE basketball cities do not necessarily support an NBA team.

I contend we are behind Anaheim for a relocated NBA team because Henry Samueli, Anaheim Ducks and Arrowhead Pond owner, is willing to BUY a team and move them to his arena. We don't have a local, or any, group interested in BUYING an NBA team and moving them to Sprint Center.


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Northland Hockey Fan said...

You are right. College basketball is huge in KC and will not necessarily translate into an NBA following.

BTW, your blog has become a regular read. Keep up the great work!


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