Monday, July 24, 2006

Hartford 2 Kansas City 0

Kansas City is being shutout by Hartford in its bid for a local owner for an NHL team.

Nothing would assure Sprint Center of a NHL or NBA tennant like a local, Kansas City owner purchasing a franchise in either league.

Hartford, on the other hand, has two finalists in the bidding for the Pittsburgh Penguins. The two bidders, Larry Gottesdiener and Sam Fingold even own real estate across the street from each other in the Connecticut city.

We're About To Save Pittsburgh Again

That could put Fingold on the same road to K.C. as Gottesdiener wants to take to Hartford.
Although he has lived in Hartford a number of years, we don't know Fingold. We don't know his game. We do know for some time he was talking as if he was going to move the Penguins to a new arena in Kansas City, but now he's found the Western Pennsylvania religion. In the process, he has taken some cracks at Gottesdiener and [Hartford Mayer Eddie] Perez.

One shot Fingold took at Eddie Perez was this.
"I'd rather buy a team and put it in another city than have it in Hartford and deal with [Mayor] Eddie Perez, because I don't think he quite understands all the economics associated with bringing a team to the city," Fingold said. "You think Hartford should spend $290 million on a new arena vs. trying to figure out how to fix the school system and cut down crime?"

You could replace Hartford with Kansas City in that sentence and it would apply.

They even have an NHL21-type group in Hartford.
Pens would find whale of a welcome in Hartford
Penguins fans might be devastated by that news, but the Whalers Boosters Club -- yes, it remains active -- would be thrilled. Gottesdiener spoke to the group this spring and vowed to work toward bringing the NHL back to Hartford.

"Nobody wants to see anybody lose their team," said Alan Victor, booster club president. "It's a terrible feeling and we wouldn't wish it on anybody. However, given the NHL is not going to expand, we want NHL hockey in Hartford."

Hartford currently does not have a new arena online.


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