Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fingold's interest in KC cools

On the same day a one-source story printed in the KC Star about how KC is still in the running to be the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Don't count on NHL preseason game in KC.

The article said,

McGannon attended the NHL draft recently in Vancouver, B.C., and spoke with commissioner Gary Bettman. Pittsburgh is up for sale and could move unless a new arena is built. Sam Fingold, a real estate developer, stated he’d like to buy the Penguins and would move them to KC unless Pittsburgh gets a new arena.

A key is the Isle of Capri gaming company, which will fund a new arena there only if it secures a slot machine parlor, and a decision on that is expected before the end of the year. But if it gets outbid for the slots license, Isle of Capri won’t be part of a new arena.

Not so fast there KC Star. Perhaps actually CALLING or e-mailing Sam Fingold would help.

Because Fingold, the ONLY potential Penguins' owner who has mentioned KC, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in an e-mail that he is interested in talking to local politicians about Plan B and keeping the PENGUINS IN PITTSBURGH.

New arena financing could keep team here
Fingold changes tune, says Plan B may work

Fingold seems to have cooled in the idea of moving the team.
"In light of exploring some new options for Plan B ... a meeting with political officials could prove positive and very productive, now that there is a certain sense of urgency," Fingold said. "I have learned the best deals are made when time is of the essence.

"I believe in the last few weeks that the state and political officials have finally begun to understand the severity of the situation that the team is facing ... the potential of other offers being presented by other cities.

"With that in mind, I believe we may start to see some movement on the state's [part]. I believe it could change the dynamics of all bids submitted to this point."

PLEASE stop chasing this windmill Mr. AEG Quixote and sidekick NHL21 Panza.

Work on attracting the two AHL teams that do not currently have a home.


At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed. chasing after an AHL team is probably the best route for KC. They obviously are not too interested in the NHL & it appears the NHL is not too interested either....

At 11:24 PM, Anonymous Mike Jacobi said...

AHL would give KC two natural rivals in Omaha and Iowa(Des Moines). Although the though of a KC-STL NHL rivalry is nice, roadtrips to Omaha and Des Moines are shorter and in my opinion, much nicer places to visit.


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