Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fingold hi bid -- now we know

Now we know why AEG and NHL21 were so confident an NHL team would come to KC for the 2007-08 season.

Because they probably knew long ago that the bidders they were working with, David and Sam Fingold, would come in with the high bid.
Hartford man top bidder for Penguins

Mr. Fingold has the highest offer of the four active bidders, a figure of around $175 million, sources with knowledge of the negotiation process told the Post-Gazette. At least one other bidder, believed to be Lawrence Gottesdiener, may still attempt to outbid him, a source said.

This is after another Canadian group, out of Hamilton or Waterloo, made the initial high bid, but supposedly dropped out because they were told relocating the franchise was not an option.

The $175M bid is $25M more than the St. Louis Blues sale price.

In the last week or so, the NHL has basically said "no dice" to a franchise relocation because the Penguins don't meet the criteria for such a location.

The criteria since 1993 seems to be "if the franchis is in a former WHA market".

During the first couple of weeks in May, Sam Fingold confirmed that he had conversations with a group in KC about moving the Penguins to Sprint Center in both the Toronto Star and on Toronot radio station The Fan 590.
Torontonian wants to move Penguins to KC
Sam Fingold -- Get to know him!

Then on July 13 Fingold told the Hartford Courant that he doesn't think the franchise will relocate.
Penguins Move Won't Fly, Developer Says

On July 18, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette printed a story stating the NHL will stand in the way of a Penguins' relocation.
Roadblock impedes Penguins' exit

AEG and NHL21 are still hoping.
Penguins fans seem to be on a roller coaster. Now, they are nervous again.


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