Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Whoa, Seattle voters say "Let the Sonics go"

A tax bailout? Let Sonics go, Seattleites say

According to a recent telephone survey conducted by an independent pollster, 78% of registered voters in Seattle are against using taxpayer money to subsidize improvements to Key Arena.

How would that make you feel if you were the Starbucks' CEO? Basically, your potential fanbase has said, "pay for it with revenues from those $4 lattes".

The Deputy Mayor did offer some perspective:

But Seattle Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis said the either/or question tilted the results.

"When you frame it that way, 'Do you want to pay taxes to build an arena or have them leave Seattle?' I think that's a pretty crude way," Ceis said. "That much ambiguity isn't going to elicit a very positive response no matter what."

But, seriously, how dumb does the Sonics' spokesperson think we are
Team spokeswoman Valerie O'Neil added that the survey question failed to fairly include the potential benefits of an arena overhaul beyond basketball.

"It's more than just a Sonics/Storm issue," she said. "It would be more than just the Sonics and (WNBA) Storm benefiting from the investment."

But, it's the Sonics that MOSTLY benefit from the investment and, it seems, Seattle's registered voters know it.

People across the country, from Orlando to Seattle, are catching on that these unbelievably wealthy men are fleecing taxpayers with these publicly funded mausoleums that have a shorter life span that a guy with a cholesterol level of 270.


At 9:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seattle fans have gotten fleeced enough.

When Paul Allen (uber-billionaire) was begging for tax dollars for Qwest Field (his private enterprise), UW, just across town, was begging for private alumni funding for their new stadium (a PUBLIC enterprise). How that for disparity!

Let em go. Key Arena sucks anyway. It's too small for hockey.

At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the Sonics will move to the one of the 'burbs such as Renton. One of them will likely step up and build an arena. I know the NBA would regret losing a market like Seattle(12 largest).


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