Monday, June 05, 2006

Whitlock says KC needs the NBA

Jason Whitlock's column from today says that KC needs the NBA.

Jason is basing this on watching some NBA playoff games. I have news for you Jason -- PLAYOFF GAMES ARE EXCITING IN EVERY SPORT.

Tonight's Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs was a classic.

    -The rest of the NHL playoffs have been amazing.
    -I'm sure the MLS playoffs will be exciting this fall.
    -The last 10 NASCAR races are exciting.

The question is -- can KC fans stand a mid-season snoozefest between the KC NBA team and the Oklahoma City/New Orleans Hornets when they just shelled out $40 to go to KU-Oklahoma at Allen Fieldhouse the night before.

I don't think so and it seems the NBA doesn't think so either. They have shown no interest in KC.

    -No NBA21 group exists in KC
    -No NBA exhibition game has been here since Shaq played for LA and LeBron was in Junior High.
    -No potential owner has said they want to come here.

The NHL has had all three of these in the past nine months.

I think either an NBA or NHL team needs to go in the Sprint Center. Lately, I haven't seen the interest from the NBA.


At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Mike Jacobi said...

I think what Whitlock needs to do is have tuned into last night's Carolina-Edmonton game. Anybody who tells you that the NHL is boring has either:
1. Never been to an NHL game.
2. Did not watch last night's game-especially the 3rd period.
3. Has never taken the time to go to an NHL and NBA game in the same weekend.

I did #3 this winter here in Chicago. Some friends happened to come up here the same weekend both the Bulls and Hawks were playing home games. We were on the edge of our seats during the Hawks loss, and were falling asleep during the Bulls victory. Be reasobable, people. We spend $10 on NHL tickets, and $40 for the same seats the following night for the NBA game. There is already enough in KC to keep the basketball fanbase there happy, the NBA will not draw as well as Big 12 hoops or an NHL team.

At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Mike Jacobi. First of all I'm sure you have been to a bunch of hockey and basketball games in the same weekend. The idea of the NHL being boring is subjective. Just like the idea that it's entertaining. Let's look at the facts. Statisticaly, more people watch basketball on TV than hockey. That would infer that more people are interested in basketball. Stat #2: More basketball jerseys, hats, shoes, sweaters, and other merchandise is sold each year than hockey merchandise. And finally, you may be a hockey fan, but take a random poll to see how many people can name 10 NBA players. Then ask them if they can name 10 NHL players. The results should speak for themselves. Oh I almost forgot, there are more games in an NBA season than there are an NHL season. Just more opportunities to bring money to the season.


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