Saturday, June 10, 2006

Stern wants amateur basketball reformed

David Stern told the LA Times that young basketball players get exposed on their way up and would like amateuer basketball reformed.
Stern Says Amateur Game Needs Reform
To be more like HOCKEY perhaps.

Hockey has the Major Junior leagues that develop players between 16 and 20-years old with organized, well-run leagues. The Canadian Hockey Leagues offer scholarship money to these players with each year they play. If a kid playing for the, for instance, Everett Silvertips is not going to make it in the NHL, AHL, independent minor league teams or overseas, that player can use scholarship money from the Major Junior leagues to get an education and find a career outside of hockey.

With the Major Junior leagues, the NHL doesn't have to have the age limitations (which borders on racism) because 18-year old kids who are not ready for the NHL can play on a Canadian Hockey League team with other kids near his own age.

In the NBA, an 18-year old has to make the decision to go to college or ride the bench on an NBA team with 25, 30 and 35-year old men with whom they have nothing in common. It's a decision that is too difficult for a young man to make and an incredibly flawed system.

Why won't the NBA establish a REAL minor league and possibly a Major Junior basketball league where players could earn scholarship money? Because it would take money out of the hands of these AAU coaches and shoe companies.

It's sad, really. The NBA does a disservice to a majority of young players, where the NHL tries to nurture these players. Fewer NHL players get in legal/criminal trouble than NBA players. Perhaps it has nothing to do with race and more to do with how amateur basketball is set up.


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