Thursday, June 29, 2006

San Jose enters the mix for an NBA team

Late last week I posted a story about Henry Samueli, Anaheim Ducks owner who also owns the Arrowhead Pond, stating that he is interested in purchasing an NBA team that would play in the Pond.

Now, the San Jose Sharks are interested in an NBA team joining them in the HP Pavilion.

Sharks interested in NBA -- NHL team seeking help from San Jose

The city owns HP Pavilion, but, according to the lease agreement, the Sharks control the arena's revenue.

Of course, the Golden State Warriors, who play in Oakland, would object to a team in San Jose since they claim they have territorial rights to the Silicon Valley city.

Regardless, KC sports fans cannot just assume we are next on the list for an NBA team. Other cities, like Anaheim, San Jose and Oklahoma City are interested in the NBA, too.


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