Monday, June 12, 2006

Pittsburgh's arena gamble

Prisuta: Arena gamble
Mike Prisuta of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review writes this column about the state lending money to the Pittsburgh-Alleghany County Sports & Exhibition Authority to begin purchasing land for a new arena.

Regardless, the Penguins' future is uncertain. Prisuta writes:

It's plausible new ownership could consider Rendell's "Plan B" proposal acceptable and keep the franchise here.

But it's also plausible the eventual new owners of the Penguins will decide a sweetheart deal in Kansas City, Las Vegas, Portland or Houston is preferable to $8.5 million up front and $4 million annually over 30 years.

Yes, but can we please throw Las Vegas off of these lists. Sam Fingold, who is actually trying to purchase an NHL team, says Las Vegas is not a viable NHL market. I'd take his word over some newspaper guy.

Here is the bottom line that everyone in Kansas City (media, hockey fans, those who have purchased Sprint Center suites) needs to realize.

Should Isle of Capri Casinos land the slots license, the Penguins are staying put, period. But Isle of Capri remains the only slots-license applicant that can guarantee the Penguins' long-term future in their current home. And for some reason, Rendell, mayor Bob O'Connor and Allegheny County chief executive Dan Onorato refuse to throw their public and private support behind the Penguins-Isle of Capri partnership.

It's a dangerous game they're playing.

We'll know a lot more in about 18 days. On July 1, the Penguins will be within one year of their current leases expiration date and they can begin discussions with other cities at that time.


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Drew Murphy said...

Great blog by the way. I think the gambling vote in Pittsburgh will not pass. I think KC is an ideal location, and I certainly want hockey in KC.


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