Saturday, June 24, 2006

Penguins sale process heating up.

Penguins' sale talks picking up steam
Will the Pittsburgh Penguins move to KC?

It depends on three things:
-Who purchases the Penguins? They are for sale right now and the sale should be final before the next hockey season begins in October.

-Will Pittsburgh get a new arena to replace aging Mellon Arena?
Whether Pittsburgh gets a new arena is much more complicated. However, if the city does not get a new arena, then the new owner will have to WANT to come to KC.

As it stands now, it seems only ONE of the FIVE groups bidding for the team are interested in moving to KC.

It's believed there are interested parties who have not been identified who want to relocate the team to various cities in Canada, Houston or Las Vegas.

Hmmm, no mention of KC. However, I think this is BS because Sam Fingold said that he looked into Las Vegas and says it is not a viable NHL market.

Sam Fingold says he'd move the Penguins to KC if Pittsburgh doesn't get a new arena.


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