Friday, June 16, 2006

Penguins have seven suitors?

KDKA "Investigative" reporter Andy Sheehan has proven in the past that he doesn't do his homework.

In reference to possible suitors for the Penguines, Sheehan said said, "...unlike investors in Kansas City -- who would move the team", which is absolutely, unequivocally NOT true.

KC has no local ownership group looking to purchase an NHL team.

Now, Sheehan says up to seven groups are looking to purchase the Penguins.

Seven Potential Buyers To Bid On Penguins
From simple 'net research, I can find five groups. There may be two more, but Sheehan's track record says that he's probably off by at least two groups.

Again, here is who is interested in the Penguins and where the team may play as a result of each potential suitor.

-Toronto-based real estate developers David and Sam Fingold, who have publicly said they are interested in moving the team to KC.

-Hartford-based Larry Gottesdiener, who has publicly said he is interested in moving the team to Hartford.

-Ohio businessman Jim Renacci, a Pittsburgh native, is interested in buying the team and keeping them in Pittsburgh.

-RIM (you know, the Blackberry people) CEO Jim Balsillie may be one of the bidders, but has not publicly said so. He's been interested in an NHL team in the past and may try to move the team to Hamilton, Ont.

-Financier Andrew Murstein, who looked into purchasing the Kansas City Wizards.

Sheehan's artilce says that Murstein told him the team would stay in Pittsburgh regardless of the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission's slots parlor decision. So, does this article.
New bidder for Penguins emergesYet, the Toronto Star says Murstein is intersted in moving the team to HOUSTON if the Isle of Capri doesn't get the slots license. Of course, the Toronto Star is the paper that called the Sprint Center "recently completed."


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