Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nashville and Predators agree to play nice

Over the past few weeks, Nashville's Metro Sports Autority and the Predators hockey franchise have engaged in an ugly back-and-forth over, what else, money.

Well, today the Nashville Tennessean says the two sides are willing to play nice.

The city and the pro hockey team will start meeting next week without lawyers present as they try to cool a dispute that has put about $28 million in taxpayer dollars at risk.

Regardless, I still think the Predators are a candidate for relocation to Sprint Center.


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous dale said...

xkbThanks for keeping us updated on this subject! Your work, though, has made me lazy. I used to look up all the buzz on hockey (various newspapers from around the country type stuff, etc), but now I let you do it :). Thanks!

Question: what probability do you give that KC will get high-quality (AHL, NHL) hockey?


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