Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dark cloud covers Sonics and it isn't just Pac NW rain

Dark cloud covers Sonics

Interesting article about the Sonics' future in Seattle. This columnist thinks the city and the Sonics are at a crossroads and that the Sonics will just play out their Key Arena lease (2010) and then just leave...yet not out of the Seattle area, but to a suburb like Bellevue.

From the discussion, as well as previous news coverage of the saga, the Sonics seem destined to serve out their KeyArena lease through 2010 and then leave. In my view, the consolation prize is that they won't go far, probably to a new arena in Bellevue.

Which seems odd because the Seattle-Tacoma area would then have three major indoor arenas, KeyArena, Tacoma Dome and the proposed arena in Bellevue.

He suggests a new arena in Bellevue would motivate the Sonics to put more money toward the project.

Would it be better in Bellevue? In principle, yes. A big, new arena free of the KeyArena footprint, the Center dilemma and city officials' reluctance would be more likely to generate bigger revenue from a wealthier demographic, thereby inspiring the Sonics' owners to invest considerably more in such a project than the $18 million now on the table for KeyArena.

I know the big question is NBA or NHL in KC, but it just doesn't seem like the NBA is interested and it doesn't seem like the NHL has any teams willing to move...


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