Friday, June 09, 2006

Blazing a trail to the Pond

Trail Blazers Interest Ducks' Owner
The owner of the soon to be renamed Anaheim Mighty Ducks is interested in purchasing the Portland Trailblazers and moving them to the Arrowhead Pond.

There isn't much else to this short article other than the Arrowhead Pond President confirms that they are looking at purchasing the moribund NBA franchise.

This is bad news for those interested in bringing an NBA team to KC. We, Kansas City, don't have a local owner that is interested in purchasing a franchise and moving them here. We will have to get in line behind any city that does.

I think this also squashes any rumors of the Ducks moving to KC because their attendance isn't very good. BS. Henry Samueli is not going to sell the Ducks. He just bought them. And, he most certainly is not going to move the team out of the building he owns and operates.


At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this scenario plays out, I wouldn't be shocked to see Portland somehow wind up in the NHL. A beautiful arena w/o an anchor tennant in a new market(23rd largest, KC only 31st) that would expand the NHL's footprint. The owners will salivate.


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