Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Are the Predators building a case against Nashville?

The Predators and the city are in a dispute over bonus fees and new equipment for the Gaylord Entertainment Center ("GEC").
In dispute's latest turn, Predators demand $1M from Metro

I find this disagreement curious. Actually, on the surface, it seems extremely petty. However, this line in the story could be the most telling:

The Predators and the related company, Powers Management — which runs the GEC for Metro — said they were prepared to take action to enforce their demands, which they outlined in four letters delivered to city attorneys Monday. Under the Predators' contract with Metro, that could include terminating the agreement that has given Nashville pro hockey since 1998.

Terminating the agreement? That would mean the franchise would be free to find another arena in another city.

The Tennessean posted the PDF of the aforementione four letters the Predators lawyer sent to the lawyer for Metro (I guess Nashville calls their city government "Metro").
Letter from Predators lawyer to Metro's lawyer

Bottom line: Metro Government says the Predators are not meeting a Minimum Net Worth Agreement requirement. Predators say Metro Government is in default for payments to Powers Management and in default for improvements to the GEC.

Something about this situation smells bad. It seems as if the Predators are building a case against Metro so they can get out of their agreement at the GEC. And, it seems the Mayor wants to accomodate the Predators yet the Metro Government, through their lawyer, does not.

Sports fans, it doesn't matter if it is NBA or NHL, if we get another city's franchise it is going to be the result of an ugly dispute. Some city's sports fans are going to get screwed. The only way to avoid this is to get an expansion franchise, which isn't going to happen any time soon in either league.

It's time to watch this situation with the Predators very closely.

Take the Preds situation and relate it to KC in, let's say in 12 years, who is going to pay for a new scoreboard at Sprint Center? AEG or the city? It'd be nice if some enterprising journalist in KC asked those kind of questions...sorry, that may be asking for too much.


At 2:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dream On! I don't believe the Preds are going anywhere.


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