Friday, June 30, 2006

Any question whether the NHL is healthy?

There shouldn't be.NHL makes save in return to ice

The on-ice product improved dramatically:

Difference from 2003-04
100-point scorers: 2005-06 SEVEN 2003-04: ZERO
50+ goal scorers: 2005-06 FIVE 2003-04: ZERO
Point-a-game scorers: up 360%
30+ goal scorers: up 135%
Hat tricks: up 72%
Lead changes within a single game: up 29%
Suspensions: down 51%

And a great discussion on the NHL's return with some of the games most respected hockey writers.
NHL Roundtable: The Writers' Edition

We feel the need to tell people we have this great game and you're not paying attention to it. Who cares? At a certain point, as long as this CBA has worked it to a place where everybody is making a profit, why does everybody have to make a killing? If the league is OK and it's not going to go away, then why do we dwell on these ratings so much? If people are ignorant of our game out there, too bad, you're missing something great.

There's nothing wrong with being a niche, there's nothing wrong with being what you are.


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