Monday, May 08, 2006

What would happen to Key Arena in Seattle?

OK, this article is bad for KC (that is if you want an NBA team here).

If city officials in Seattle, who are dragging their feet on a deal to renovate 10-year old Key Arena, read this article they may realize that renovating the arena for the Sonics is their only choice.

What happens to KeyArena if Sonics leave?

Basically, if the Sonics leave the Seattle area completely, Key Arena may be alright as a concert facility and home to the Seattle Thunderbirds, a Junior 'A' level hockey team. If a new building is built in Renton or Bellevue, Key Arena may as well be raised.

They'd also likely need to sign a second minor-league team to help the Thunderbirds hockey team playing there now fill out the calendar, according to the committee's report

If a guy by the name of Richard Adler calls, run away screaming...

Interesting part of the story as it pertains to KC.

Some of the old facilities become throwaways, white elephants that sit empty or underused. Most are demolished; others stay afloat by booking concerts, high school graduations, church assemblies, tractor pulls and minor sports.

It's created a big problem for city officials.

I guess the American Royal will keep Kemper from being a "throwaway, white elephant". It'll be interesting to see how our two arenas get along.


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