Tuesday, May 30, 2006

KC Stars asks -- What'll it be, KC? Ice or Hoops?

Steven Penn has a column in today's Metro section.

What'll it be, KC? Ice or Hoops?

Obviously, Steve Penn doesn't have an editor checking his facts.

Seriously, can we get a little more in-depth, perhaps cynical, reporting from the Star? Please.

Penn writes:

All around town — especially on local radio talk shows — the hot topic being debated is whether Kansas City would more readily embrace the NHL or the NBA.

Really? Because all I hear on local talk shows is entertainment hosts droning on and on about Larry Johnson's bad attitude, Willie Roaf's knees, David & Dan Glass' ineptitude, their own golf games or who they interviewed while working in some small market in Oklahoma.

Pittsburgh isn’t the only team AEG officials have had discussions with; it just happens to be the most public.

I call B.S. How about if the Star lists all 30 NHL teams and their current lease agreements? Then, try to find a team other than the Penguins who may relocate.

You can tell a lot from a team's lease agreement. Yet, the Star's unbelievably lazy reporting hasn't looked into this yet.

Instead, all we get is rumor and speculation taken as fact from AEG. Well, of course, AEG is going to overstate the number of NHL teams that may move. They are protecting their own "spin" for why KC needed this arena.

The NHL is further down the track in Kansas City than the NBA. And that’s because of something called NHL21. That’s a group led by Paul McGannon that is actively trying to cultivate NHL interest here.
Right now there’s not even an “NBA1” group.

Well, ok, I'll give Mr. Penn a break on this one. Very true and it makes you wonder why there isn't a NBA21 group. Could it be because the NBA just isn't that interested in KC?

Selling all of the 61 suites at the new Sprint Center well before any team ever comes here is clearly a positive development.

61? I thought there were 72 suites.
And, so does, KCMO.

So does that mean 61 of the 72 suites are sold or does that mean Steve Penn needs a fact checker?

Tinnen said she’s almost sure the NHL commissioner would prefer to keep the team in Pittsburgh.

“They are due a new arena,” Tinnen said.

Finally, something truthful from AEG. We are in the backseat for the Penguins and will remain there until the slots casino license is awarded.

In a few weeks, the Sprint Center will launch its Web site. It will be a place where fans who want one league over the other can vote.

Good gravy, is anything more ridiculous than an Internet poll? Why not commission Gallup, a company with strong Midwestern ties, to conduct a study, using a random sample that mirrors the Kansas City metro areas' demographic, to find out which league KC residents are more interested in attending? Instead, we're going to get a ballot-box stuffing Internet poll. Great.

C'mon, KC Star, please try to step up your reporting to the level Seattle residents get from the Times and Post-Intelligencer.
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At 11:11 AM, Blogger KCHockeyBuzz said...

Word is that 61 of the 72 suites are sold.

AEG is holding back 11 suites for team ownership and other special circumstances.

If this is true, it makes Mr. Penn's column simply confusing rather than inaccurate.

He could have written,
"Sixty-one of the 72 suites at the Sprint Center were put up for sale. Selling all 61 of them before any team ever comes here is clearly a positive development."

Perhaps I'm expecting a bit too much from corporate journalism.

At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, a businessman from Quebec has gone public with the notion of reviving the Nordiques. He claims the the Colisee can brought up to NHL standards with a lousy $25M. He must be a magician too. Thought you may want to pursue this.


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