Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hamilton, Ont. group gets in line to purchase the Penguins

Supply meet demand.

The supply for NHL teams is very small and the demand seems to be high. According to this article, a group in Hamilton, Ontario wants to purchase the franchise and move them to Hamilton, Ont.

Hamilton is the 8th largest metropolitan area in Canada with a population of about 715,000. It is the second largest metro in Canada without an NHL team. (Quebec City is larger, however, Quebec City, Hamilton and Winnipeg are all about the same size)

There are plenty of people in Hamilton (and St. Catharine's, too) to support an NHL team. The big problem for Hamilton as an NHL city is:

  1. Too close to Buffalo and Toronto. It's only 45 miles from Toronto and 65 miles from Buffalo.

  2. The arena -- Copps Coliseum was built in 1985 and seats 17,500.

Hamilton won't add the US TV households the NHL may be looking for, but the people there are hockey crazed.

People in line to purchase the Penguins:

Larry Gottesdiener, Real Estate mogul, Hartford, Conn. -- Willing to relocate the franchise to Hartford.

David and Sam Fingold, Real Estate moguls, Toronto/Hartford.
-- Willing to relocate the franchise to KC.

Hamilton Group(The primary backer is anonymous, however it is most likely Jim Balsillie, the CEO of Research in Motion -- you know the Blackberry people), -- Waterloo, Ont. -- Willing to relocate the team to Hamilton, Ontario


At 9:57 AM, Blogger Hockey Populace said...

I'm from Toronto, These guys have been trying to get a team since the 70s and they know it's a long shot. In my opinion it isn't even worth mentioning, Copps is outdated in terms of NHL hockey.


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