Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stanley Cup fearless prediction

Who will win the Stanley Cup?

It's time for the greatest playoff in professional sports. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are a challenge of will, stamina, determination, toughness and superior athletic ability. Those of use who have played the game know how difficult it can be to play every other day for two months.

Now, it all begins.

Well, #7 and #8 seeds rarely, if ever, win the Cup. Eliminate: defending Champ Tampa Bay, Montreal, Edmonton and Colorado.

Rookie goaltenders do not win the Cup. Eliminate: Nashville, Buffalo and the Rangers.

Who knows if Hasek will be back or if he will be sharp. Too many questions and Ray Emery is not a Cup winning goaltender. Eliminate: Ottawa

In the East it could be Carolina, New Jersey or Philadelphia
In the West it could be Detroit, Dallas, Calgary, San Jose or Anaheim.

Coaching makes a big difference which is why I will eliminate Carolina and Anaheim. Laviollette and Carlyle are a terrific coaches, but neither has experience deep in the playoffs. Tortorella didn't either, but I don't think lightening strikes twice.

New Jersey or Philly -- Brodeur still has it. NJ
Detroit, Dallas, Calgary or San Jose -- There is no strong case against any of these four teams. San Jose is very hot. Dallas has a great goaltender as does Calgary. Detroit is unbelievable efficient and Mike Babcock may be the best coach in the NHL. I'm going to go with Calgary. They have the recent experience deep in the playoffs and Kiprusoff is the best goaltender in the NHL.

Calgary over New Jersey for the 2006 Stanley Cup.


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Joe T said...

go sabres is 07, we are young and hungry


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