Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Penquins officials agree to talk about 'Plan B'

Well, another blow to KC's chances of getting the Pittsburgh Penguins to relocate to the Sprint Center.
Penquins officials agree to talk about 'Plan B'

Penguins officials are planning to talk this week with Pittsburgh and Allegheny County leaders about an alternate plan to build an arena, a spokesman said.

If they are willing to talk, I believe they are, most likely, going to find a solution.

The fees the Penguins will have to pay for the plan 'B' are not that much higher than what they would pay for the IofC arena. They are going to pay $3M under their own/IofC plan. And, under the Plan 'B', the Penguins still receive some revenue from non-hockey related revenue streams. The problem with the Plan 'B' isn't the Penguins. It is whether the other two proposals (Forest City/Harrah's and Don Barden) will agree to the $7M payment each year for 30 years.

And, if you think the local sports talk shows were acting irresponsibly over our stadium questions on the April 4 ballot with their petty bickering, you should hear what is going on in Pittsburgh over the Penguins/slots casino proposals.

Slots debtate tunrs into uncivil war

Can we just start pursuing the AHL now? The Edmonton Oilers are looking for a home for the AHL affiliate that they own and operate.


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