Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Penn. Gaming Control Board Meets the Public

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board held their first public hearings about the Pittsburgh slots parlor license yesterday.

Ladies and Gentleman of Kansas City, in homage to Dan Rather, I am ready to call this race over. You can keep hoping this situation will crumble, but I am going to declare it now.


Here is Mike Prisuta column in the Pittsbrugh Tribune

Penguins, people have spoken

The Penguins Ken Sawyer said. "There is no other plan (referring to the Pens/Isle of Capri Plan) that has surfaced that guarantees the Penguins will be here. Unfortunately for you people, you may be deciding the fate of the Penguins."

"Sawyer was responding Tuesday afternoon to Mayor Bob O'Connor's contention yesterday morning that the arena issue had been "solved" and Allegheny County chief executive Dan Onorato "declaring victory" in the wake of Forest City (Harrah's) announcing Plan B was acceptable to them if it was acceptable to the Penguins."

But, c'mon, what is Sawyer going to do? "Yeah, we're good with either plan." No f'n way.

He is going to vehemently defend his position. He is going protect his investment and IofC commitment to the Penguins.

This is a done deal. Even if Isle of Capril doesn't get the license, Pittsburgh will get a new arena and the Pens will stay.

Don't get me wrong. KC will still come up as a viable alternative. But, sadly, it will just be leverage to get the best possible deal out of the "Plan B" arena.

The NBA doesn't interest me, but I think it's coming; either the Kansas City Blazers or Kansas City Sonics.

And, in the end, we hockey fans in KC will be treated to the AHL, the league we should have been all along (rather than the short detour through the UHL bus league).

Just for more reference, here is an article in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Penguins loyalists rally for casino-arena plan

Remember, these fans supported a complete loser. The Pens were awful, and yet, 15,804 per night (93.3% of capacity) turned out to watch this lousy team.


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