Thursday, March 09, 2006

Penguins to start shopping for a new city

It's official.

In a meeting with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board, the Penguins President said the team may begin discussions with other cities.

As you know from reading this blog, the Penguins are awaiting a decision from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board about their bid for a slots license in the city, which would fund a new arena to replace Mellon Arena, the oldest in the NHL.

Under terms of their lease, the Penguins can field calls from potential suitors, but cannot initiate discussions. They can initiate discussions beginning June 30.

This is it.

The first major salvo over the hull of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board/Alleghany County ship.

AEG will contact the Penguins on June 30...guaranteed. AEG doesn't contribute $50 million (plus cover cost overruns) for this place for the Kansas City Brigade to be the major tennant (though the Brigade's box office success is impressive...nice job Tyler & crew).

I said last month when I started this blog that this story would break in 8 to 10 months and really heat up this summer. Stay tuned..July and August will be VERY interesting.


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