Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Other cities aren't too small -- Why are we?

I don't understand it. In the Kansas City Star, Randy Covitz says other cities are lining up to take the Royals and Chiefs if the April 4 stadium vote fails. In the article, he writes that it is because the other cities have pending stadium deals, yet ground is not broken on any single one of them.

Others eye KC’s prizes

"So in a mirror image of how Kansas City is monitoring distressed arena situations in the NBA and NHL in hopes of discreetly attracting a basketball or hockey team to the Sprint Center when it opens in 2007, other cities are whispering about the availability of the Royals and Chiefs for new stadiums they have on their drawing boards."

Yet, the public sentiment doesn't seem to be a mirror image. In this article there is no mention of whether these cities are "big enough" to support the team -- only that they want to build a new stadium to lure a team.

The general sentiment in Kansas City is that we can't support an NHL (or NBA) team if one comes here. Unlike other cities "proposed" buildings, we have already broken ground on an arena.

KC -- can't support NHL (or NBA) because we're "not big enough" -- an arena under construction

Other cities -- can support a team because they MIGHT construct an arena -- no mention of "not big enough"

See the problem here? It makes no sense to me. Why won't we be successful with our new building yet other cities will be successful IF they get a new building?

I think it's just the general malaise and pessimism of Kansas City residents. It's sad really.

As always, Randy's article has a factual error showing he didn't take five minutes to www.google.com 2000 Census data.

"The Portland/Vancouver, Wash., area, with a metropolitan population of about 2.3 million, is the largest community in the country with just one major-league team,"

Portland-Vancouver, according to the 2000 Census is 1.9 million not 2.3 million, which makes it only 91,000 people larger than KC.

Here's a link to a spreadsheet that shows how wrong Randy is.
Metro area size spreadsheet

Riverside-San Bernidino-Ontario is the largest community without a "major league" team. Does that mean that area should have one? Since Portland is the 25th largest community, are they entitled two "major league" teams. What about Buffalo, the 43rd largest metro area? Perhaps they should be stripped of one of their two teams since it is the smallest community with two teams.

And, Randy doesn't mention, at all, the fact that Portland could very well lose the only team that they have (but you know that from reading this blog).


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