Friday, March 17, 2006

NHL to KC -- It won't be the Islanders

Some uninformed fans will say, "What about the Islanders moving to KC. They're last in the NHL in attendance."

Well, aside from the obvious question -- Why would you move a professional sports franchise from the #1 media market to the #30-something media market -- Islanders' owner Charles Wang is committed to staying on Long Island.

Here is the proof.

Isles owner's group chosen to renovate Coliseum

Besides renovating the 36-year-old hockey and basketball arena in Uniondale, the proposal submitted by Islanders owner Charles Wang and his partners -- Long Island developer Reckson & Associates -- calls for a canal lined with retail shops, residential housing, office space, transportation and infrastructure improvements and the construction of a minor-league baseball park.

So, there is absolutely no chance that the Islanders move.

By the way, growing up a Sabres fan, I absolutely HATED the Islanders. Clarke Gilles, Bryan Trottier...and especially Billy Smith. Man, I hated that guy. (When I was 11 or 12, I caught a puck during warm-ups off a Bobby Nystrom deflected shot, so he wasn't so bad.)


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