Thursday, February 02, 2006

SI says Sonics may move to KC

SI writer Ian Thomsen says the Seattle Sonics could be on the move if, (have we heard this before), they don't get a new arena. The building they play in is 10 years old, 10!

The article is in the February 6 issue and is available online as exclusive content

"One of those alternatives would be to investigate the construction of a privately built arena in Greater Seattle, perhaps in suburban Bellevue. Another would be to move the Sonics to a market known to be interested in acquiring an NBA franchise (Las Vegas, Norfolk, Oklahoma City) or to one of the three cities -- Anaheim, Kansas City and San Jose -- that, according to team sources, have privately made overtures to Sonics officials"
This is bad news for NHL fans in KC. If an NBA team comes to KC, there will be no hockey.

Unlike the Pens, we'll know the Sonics fate in three weeks.


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