Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Plan B in the works

It's tough to say which direction this situation is going to go.

One day it looks like the Penguins are doomed in Pittsburgh and that the team will definitely move.

The next day it looks like Pittburgh will do whatever it takes to keep the team.

This article is particularly interesting because, for the last six weeks, it has looked like a Plan B was not a possibility -- that it was the Penguins/IofC proposal or nothing.

Now, state and local officials say they are working on a Plan B, without the Penguins input. The key here is that the Penguins cannot work on a Plan B. It is part of their contract with IofC.

Penguins officials maintain they cannot discuss an alternate plan with elected officials during the licensing process.

Of course they can't. Why would IofC enter into an agreement with the Penguins if the team could just work on a publicly financed arena at the same time? The arena is the cornerstone for IofC's proposal and they want to protect their interests.


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