Friday, February 03, 2006

Pittsburgh Governor says the Penguins won’t talk to him about an arena.

Great editorial in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“But don't fault the Penguins for not talking about how to fund a new arena. They've been ready to talk for years.”

As noted in a previous post, the Pennsylvania Governor wants to talk with the Pens about a Plan B for a new arena (should the Penguins not receive the slots parlor license). However, he says the Pens won’t discuss it with him. The Penguins entered an exclusive agreement with Isle of Capri casino that said they could not negotiate a Plan B. A smart move by IoC to protect the integrity of their proposal since it is tied to an arena.

Interesting how the Governor never attempted to engage the Penguins in arena discussions, for the entire seven years of Mario’s ownership, until AFTER the Pens had an exclusive agreement with Isle of Capri.

Now, after the Penguins have an agreement NOT to talk about a Plan B, the Governor said yesterday on Pittsbrugh’s ESPN1250, “Hey, I’ll talk to the Pens about a Plan B, but they won’t talk to me.” He’s trying to make the Pens look like the bad guys.

Can you see how disingenuous this guy is?

Like him or hate him, you must admit 810’s Kevin Keitzman (a bit of a conspiracy theorist) follows this type of backdoor politics in Kansas City very closely. If this back-and-forth was happening in Kansas City, Keitzman’s head would explode.


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