Saturday, February 18, 2006

NHL's Daly says Pens must resolve arena issue

Now, Bill Daly, the NHL's Deputy Commissioner, says the Pens must resolve the arena issue within months or the team will look at other options.

"The time window for the Penguins to get financing on a new arena is short. I believe the city of Pittsburgh deserves to have the Penguins, but the Penguins also need a new building and they've needed a new one for years," Daly said.

Part of the problem is that when Mario rescued the team from bankruptcy seven years ago, he was promised a new arena...well, was told the city and Allegheny County would look at finding a way to get a new arena.

Nothing has happened for seven years. Now, the Penguins have a plan, but it's tied to the decision of seven people (the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board). Fans and residents of Pittsburgh have no say in the matter.

As usual, KC is mentioned as a possible relocation destination. This time with a twist. The reporter added the fact that Paul McGannon and NHL21 have approached the Penguins about playing the Blues on September 30 at Kemper.

Kansas City, Mo.; Portland, Ore.; and Houston are among the cities looking to acquire the Penguins if they leave Pittsburgh, their only home since beginning play as an expansion franchise in 1967. Kansas City wants the Penguins to play one of their preseason games there next season.


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