Wednesday, February 08, 2006

NBA or NHL -- KC has stiff competition

The Sprint Center will be ready in 2007. Whether KC gets an NBA team, NHL team or neither is very up in the air.

The competition is fierce. Oklahoma City is proving a viable market for the NBA. As of February 7, the OKC Hornets are drawing 17,805 fans per game, an improvement of more than 4,000 from last season in New Orleans.

A week ago, Stern announced the team would play 35 games at the Ford Center in 2006-07, but said he hoped the team will return to New Orleans full time in 2007-08.

OKC courting Sonics

If it is an NHL team that is ready to relocate, KC must fight with Houston, Winnipeg and, possibly, Hamilton, Onatrio for the relocation city. Hamilton may have trouble because it is considered within the Toronto Maple Leafs immediate market.

And we know Las Vegas is courting either a NBA, NHL or Major League Baseball team. It is the home of a future NBA All-Star Game.


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